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Getting Started: What you Need & How to Use Tile

The Tile device

Download the Tile phone app from the Apple Store. (Please note that Tile is only available on iOS. Android compatibility is coming soon.)

iPhone 4S devices or newer running iOS 8.

Any item that you would like to attach a Tile to.

Download & Sign up

Download Tile from the Apple App Store, install and launch.

Click the Get Started button to register and follow the instructions.

Create an Account

Fill in your Email Address and Password to create an account.

Activate Your Account

Tile will send you a confirmation email with an activation link. Click on the Activation link. (Note: We've found that some older Internet Service Providers like AOL or Cox sometimes filter out emails from Tile, making it difficult to confirm email addresses.)

Sign Into Your Tile App Account

All users must confirm their email address before signing-in for the first time.

Adding a Tile

Once you've taken your Tile out of the box, firmly press and hold the 'e' on your Tile until you hear a tune.

Next, place the Tile directly on top of your iOS device and match it up with the image on your screen. You'll then receive a confirmation that you've successfully added your Tile!

Naming a Tile

Give your Tile a name to easily remember what it is attached to!

Assigning a Photo

You can assign a photo using the following options:

  • 1.Take a new photo.
  • 2.Assign an existing photo from your photo library.
  • 3.Choose a photo provided by Tile.

Once you have assigned a photo, click Activate. When complete, you should hear your Tile play a tune to confirm it was activated properly.

Viewing Your Tiles

To view your Tiles, click on the "List" button. If your item is within Bluetooth range of your phone, a connection is made and you'll see a green circle around your item. Please allow up to 30 seconds for Tile to connect. If Tile is unable to connect, you'll see a grey circle around your item, and a standard "Out of Range" indicating that you should pursue other actions to find your Tile.

Viewing Location of All Your Tiles

To view the location of all of your

Tiles, click on "Map" button.

Ways to Find Tile

1 Tile Missing Nearby & Connected

Tile casts a Bluetooth signal up to a 100-foot radius. To start searching for an item, select the item from the app home screen and tap the green "Find" button.