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Designed to fit your life.

New! Tile Sport

28% off per Tile

Rugged and twice as powerful.

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New! Tile Style

28% off per Tile

Elegant and twice as powerful.

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Tile Mate

25% off per Tile

Smaller, lighter, and sleeker than Tile Original. Mate easily attaches to your keys, bag, purse, anything.

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Tile Slim

40% off per Tile

Tile Slim is the world’s thinnest Bluetooth tracker perfect for wallets, purses, and laptops.

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How reTile works.


After you place your reTile order, you’ll receive your new Tiles in the mail.


Use the app to swap out your old Tiles for new ones.


Take your old Tiles to your local e-waste center. Tiles are made of 99% recyclable materials.

More to love about Tile.

Customize your ring.

New! Tiny speakers let out a loud melody. Choose from four different ringtones.

Find your phone.

Find your phone. Press any of your Tiles to make your lost phone ring—even on silent.

Share Tile.

You can share your Tiles with anyone who has the app. Perfect for shared cars, keys or bags.


Scuba diving is out of the question, but rainy days won't pose a problem. Tile is water resistant to IP5 standards.

Common Questions

Are the batteries replaceable?

We designed Tile to run a full year with zero upkeep - no battery replacement, no charging. Our goal is to promote:

PEACE OF MIND: We guarantee Tile's battery for a full year so that you don't have to worry. Legacy trackers with replaceable batteries often die within a few months and are more prone to failure since they have moving parts. This decreases reliability when you need it most. We make sure you always have a reliable and working Tile.

ECO-FRIENDLY OPTIONS: All Tiles are 99% recyclable so take your old ones to your local e-waste center after your reTile order comes in.

SAFETY FIRST: You can trust that your Tile is water-resistant, durable, and safe around children and pets. By enclosing the battery within the Tile, we've made it safe from electric shock and small parts or choking hazards.

How long do Tiles last?

Tiles are guaranteed to last for one year, and could even last longer. To always ensure Tile is always on and operational when you need it most, we recommend reTiling as soon as your Tile hits 12 months. We'll send you a notification around 11 months so there will be plenty of time for your new and updated Tile to arrive.

How do I replace my Tile?

Tiles are eligible to be renewed 11 months after you activated your first Tile. We’ll send you a friendly reminder to re-order and upgrade to our newest model of Tiles. 

You can also take your expired Tile to your local Best Buy to instantly upgrade and recycle your Tile.

Once you receive your new Tiles, follow these instructions to replace your Tile in the app.

How many Tiles can I purchase through reTile?

The reTile program was designed to act as a sustainable replacement system for the current Tiles in your account. For example, if you have 4 active Tiles in your account, you can reTile up to 4 Tiles at the discounted price. You'll have the option to choose between Tile Mate, Tile Slim, Tile Sport or Tile Style. You’re only eligible to reTile 1 time/year, so we encourage you to buy as many Tiles as you think you’ll need at this great rate.

Will the price change?

As Tile continues to grow some adjustments in pricing may occur; however, we guarantee that by purchasing through reTile, our loyal customers will always get the best price available.

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