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What is Tile

Finding made easy

Directly attach our Bluetooth-enabled devices to your things and use the free Tile app to find them.

How It Works - ring your things
How It Works - find your phone
How It Works - see it on a map
How It Works - community find
How It Works - ring your things

Find nearby

Use the Tile app on iOS, Android or Windows to ring your Tile if it’s nearby or ask your Smart Home device to find it for you. 

How It Works - find your phone

Find your phone

Double press the logo on your Tile to make your phone ring, even when it’s on silent.

How It Works - see it on a map

 Find far away

When you’re outside of Bluetooth range, use the Tile app to view your Tile’s most recent location or you can enlist the secure and anonymous help of the Tile Network to aid in your search.

How It Works - community find


Privacy and security are of critical importance to Tile. We do not sell data, nor do we use location data for marketing purposes.

Get Started Now

Download the Tile app and follow the simple in-app instructions to activate your Tile.

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Choose from a full lineup of Tiles

Sticker on TV remote
The small, stickable finder.
Slim in wallet
The sleekest
Pro on keys
The high-performance finder.
Mate on bag
The versatile finder for everyday things.
Unlimited Sharing Module

Tile Premium

Start a personal search party

Upgrade to Premium for Unlimited Sharing. Share your Tiles with as many friends and family  as you want so they can help you find.

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Smart Home

The easiest way to find at home

Just ask your Smart Home device to find your Tile. Set up Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, Comcast Xfinity, or Siri to find with Tile.

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