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The Lost & Found

Tile is creating a world where everyone can find everything that matters. Here you'll find clever tips on using Tile, miraculous lost & found stories from our customers, and general inspiration we hope you'll love.

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Tile Limited Edition NFT Cards

By: Tile
Tile's creating an exclusive collection of NFT Tile packs featuring holographic images of Limited Edition Tiles ✨ We'll begin auctioning off the special collection today!
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Tile bluetooth trackers help find lost keys
Bluetooth Trackers connect to the Tile app to help you find your stuff

How Does a Bluetooth Tracker Work?

By: Tile
Tile Tips03.01.2021
Tile uses Bluetooth Low Energy technology to help you keep track of the thing you use and lose most, through our free app you can download on your smartphone or tablet.
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3 Reasons Customers Use Tile to Track their lost iPhone or Android phone.

3 Reasons Customers Trust Tile to Track Their Lost Phone

By: Tile
Tile Tips02.01.2021
Customers rave about Tile's popular phone tracker. Whether your phone was lost or stolen, Tile will track your phone even after it's been powered off.
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Tips to stay organized

Want to Stay Organized? Get There With These Simple Tips

By: Tile
Simple tips for organization experts and newbies! Getting organized--and staying organized--doesn't have to be a chore, and we can prove it.
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Tile Bluetooth trackers are a great gift for any mom on Mother's Day.
Celebrate Mother's Day with the Gift of Tile Trackers

Celebrate Your Wife on Mother's Day

By: Tile
Great Gifts02.22.2021
Your wife or mother-in-law will love feeling special this Mother's Day. Try these thoughtful gifts and fun activities to make it a great day for the whole family.
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How to find lost keys at home
Tile's method for finding lost keys at home is easy

How To Find Lost Keys At Home

By: Tile
Tile Tips01.04.2021
How do you find lost keys at home? With Tile's trackers, you'll never have to waste time turning over the cushions and checking every drawer before leaving.
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How to become more organized?

Your Guide to Becoming More Organized at Work and Home

By: Tile
Tile Tips01.20.2021
Being more organized can save you time, help you work more efficiently, and reduce stress in your life. This guide will help you upgrade your skills.
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Find your remote with our remote locator

Tile Sticker is the Easiest Remote Locator You'll Ever Try

By: Tile
Tile Tips12.11.2020
Stop stressing over lost or missing remotes. Our remote locater makes it easy to stay organized and up to date on all your favorite shows.
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Does Bluetooth Drain Battery?
Does having bluetooth on drain battery?

Does Bluetooth Drain Your Battery?

By: Tile
Tile Tips12.10.2020
Does using Bluetooth really drain your phone's battery? Are there different types of Bluetooth? We'll help you make sense of what's fact and what's fiction.
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FY20 ProBLK leave Small

What is Tile Premium Protect?

By: Zahra
Tile Premium Protect offers all the benefits of Tile Premium, with Item Reimbursement of up to $1000 for your items if Tile can’t find them.
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Find Your Lost HP Laptop or Notebook

Our Innovative New Partnership Will Find Your Lost HP Laptop

By: Tile
EliteBook 800 Series and ZBook Firefly users can take advantage of Tile features on the Tile mobile app to find their laptops if nearby or far away. It even works when the device is in sleep, hibernate, or soft off mode.
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Lost TV Remote Blog Listing Image

How to Stop Losing Your TV Remote

By: Brianna
Tile Tips03.23.2020
Have you ever thought, why can't I ever find my lost remote? Now you can! Here are your steps to success for finding those pesky misplaced remote controls with a Tile Sticker.
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How does the Tile Network work?
The Tile Network Finds Your Lost or Missing Stuff

How Does the Tile Network Work?

By: Tile
Tile Tips09.04.2020
Tile Bluetooth trackers help you find your lost keys, wallet, phone, and more. When a lost item is out of Bluetooth range, Tile’s global network of Tile app users and network extenders can anonymously find it.
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25 Ways To Use Sticker

25 Ways to Use Tile Sticker This Winter

By: Zahra
Tile Tips11.28.2019
Fear not: we have your secret weapon for winter fun—and it’s about the size of a coin. Check out our 25 ideas for using your Tile Sticker this season, and get ready for your best winter yet.
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