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Smart Speaker

Finding is easier with Alexa, Google and Siri


Late for work but can’t find your keys? Ask your smart speaker to ring them. Running out to meet friends but -- oh no, where's your phone?  Your smart speaker can help. It's so simple. And makes life way easier. 

Read on to learn how to set up finding with Tile for Alexa, Google and Siri.  



1. Go to the Alexa Skills shop in the Alexa app or on
2. Enable the Tile skill and sign into your Tile account when prompted.
3. To confirm Tile is Alexa-enabled, Tile will appear under Skills > Your Skills in the Alexa app.

For more detailed installation instructions and troubleshooting, click here.


Google Home App -- choose Google Assistant App from the Explore menu.

Android users -- make sure Google Assistant is enabled on your phones.

iPhone users - download the Google Assistant app from the App Store.

1. Open the Google Home App 
2. Tap Add Tap Set up device 
3. Under Works with Google, select Have something already set up? Search for Tile and select it 
4. Enter your Tile login email and password  

Once you fill out Tile login information, you will be linked successfully! 

For detailed installation instructions and troubleshooting, visit our support page.


1. Open the Tile app and choose a Tile you’d like to use with Siri Shortcuts.
2. Choose Siri on the options screen.
3. Record a short phrase such as “Find my keys.”
Use this phrase anytime you want Siri to help find your things. HomePod and CarPlay users can also access the Siri Shortcuts once they’re set up.

For more detailed installation instructions and troubleshooting, click here.

*To use Siri Shortcuts with Tile, you need iOS 12 and Tile app version 2.37.1.

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