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"Among a sea of competing devices, Tile has become the one to beat"

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"Tile's slimmest Bluetooth tracker won't bulk up your wallet"

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"By building a platform and staying a step ahead on design, Tile hopes to "blanket the world" in the ability to find your stuff"

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"Tile Slim is a great option...great for chunky wallets, passports, notebooks, and weird backpack pockets"

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Great Gifts Under $30

The Today Show, Melissa Garcia, 12.12.2016

Lifestyle expert Melissa Garcia joins Al Roker on The Today Show with ideas for gifts that recipients will actually use, even though they cost no more than $30.

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7 Tech Innovations of 2016

USA Today, Jefferson Graham, 11.26.2016

In my house, we can’t live without Tile, the little bluetooth gizmo that attaches to key ring chains and the inside of my wallet to help me find lost stuff.

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2016 Holiday Gift Guide

The New York Times, Brian X. Chen and Farhad Manjoo, 11.20.2016

The Tile Mate, a tiny square with a tracking sensor, can easily be attached to a key ring or tied to an Apple TV remote. When you've misplaced something, just open Tile’s smartphone app, hit the “Find” button, and the device will play a sound.

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The 45 Best Tech Gifts For Every Budget

TIME, Alex Fitzpatrick, Matt Peckham, Lisa Eadicicco, John Patrick Pullen, 11.14.2016

These Bluetooth-powered tags play a little song when prompted, so you can find them if they are within 100 feet of your cellphone. Now so small and inexpensive they're practically must-owns.

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Review: Tile Mate and Slim

Wired, Christopher Null, 11.03.2016

For a few years now, the absentminded have found salvation in Tile, the simple tracking gizmo that helps you locate your keys or anything else you can hold onto.

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