Which Tile Bluetooth Tracker is Right For You?

By: Tile

In today's hectic world it's easy to misplace your everyday essentials- like keys, wallets, and phones. If you're someone who struggles to keep everything organized, or someone who wants to waste less time worrying about misplaced possessions (and searching around for your keys, bags, passports, and devices) Bluetooth trackers from Tile can help!

Choosing the Right Tile Bluetooth Tracker

There are various kinds of Tile devices and Bluetooth trackers out there, such as the Tile Sticker and Tile Mate. Not sure which one is right for you? This guide will look at the best uses and advantages of each Tile tracker.

Whether you're looking for a laptop to take to college with Bluetooth tracking built right in, an audio device like Bluetooth speakers or headphones, or a pet tracker to keep your furry friend in sight, Tile and its wide range of partners have got you covered. 

How Do Tile Bluetooth Trackers Work?

Tile's Bluetooth trackers work really simply; you activate and sync the Tile tracker up on the free Tile app, you can download it on your Android or iOS phone. Then, attach the tracker to the item you want to keep track of. Voila, that’s it! Now, whenever you need to find the item simply open the Tile app and hit the Find button. If your device is nearby and within Bluetooth range it will ring. Or conversely, if you need to find your phone you definitely can. Simply double press the Tile button on any of your activated Tile trackers, and it will ring your phone if it’s nearby- even if it’s on silent. 

Tile can also be synchronized with your home assistant, like Google Home or Amazon Echo Dot, giving you even more ways to find your most-used items and stay organized. And if you happen to lose or misplace something somewhere far away that’s beyond Bluetooth range, the Tile app can still show you accurate information on your Tile's most recent location as well as give you access to the Tile Network to track down your missing gear.

Keep Track of Everyday Items with the Tile Mate Tracker

The Tile Mate is the original Bluetooth Tile tracker, and it's one of our most popular and dependable products to date. It’s the most cost-effective and budget friendly tracker, and it has an impressive 200-foot range, 3-year battery, water-resistant design, and a lightweight, low-profile shape. It's the perfect size for everyday essentials and features a design that can easily be put on things like keys, bags, and backpacks so you can attach it right out of the box and get going. If you’re new to Bluetooth trackers, Tile Mate is the perfect tracker to start with. 

Go Longer with the Tile Pro Tracker

If you’re looking for something more durable than Tile Mate, and can stand up to changing outdoor weather or generally tougher conditions, the Tile Pro tracker is your best bet. 

Tile Pro takes things to the next level with double the range (for a maximum of 400 feet), as well as the loudest ring out of any Tile device. It’s perfect for use in outdoor settings and can also be easily attached to bags, camping gear, dog collars, luggage, and so on. For frequent travelers and outdoor adventurers, or if you just want something more durable, there's no better option. 

Stay Savvy with Tile Slim

Next up, we have the Tile Slim. As the name implies, this is our slimmest Tile tracker, with a thickness of just 2.4mm. That's as thin as two credit cards stacked side by side! The sleek profile of the Slim tracker allows it to slide easily inside wallets, laptop cases, luggage tags, passport holders, and so on.

It's a super discreet and sleek tracker if you don’t want it to be obvious, and this is why it works equally well for anyone- whether you’re a busy professional, student, or a retiree going on vacation.

Simplify with Tile Sticker

The Tile Sticker is the smallest Bluetooth tracker Tile device of all. This Bluetooth Sticker finder actually sticks onto things right out of the box, since it comes with a strong adhesive back. 

It can easily stick onto things like remote controls for your TV, water bottles for use at the gym, video game controllers for gaming with your buddies, glasses and sunglasses cases, and more. 

The Sticker is super simple to use and completely kid-friendly, because its strong adhesive lets it attach firmly to almost any surface or object around the house. Plus, it's water resistant too up to IP67 standard- ready to withstand splashes and spills, or in case you accidentally find the tv remote at the bottom of the washing machine. 

Tile Partners

Tile has also partnered with a wide range of different companies, adding Tile’s finding technology directly into a range of different products: 

  • Skullcandy's Bluetooth Headphones and Earbuds

  • Fitbit Inspire 2 

  • HP Laptops 

  • QALO Dog ID Tags 

  • Google Home Devices 

  • Amazon Echo Dot Devices 

  • Nomad Power Packs

  • Bose Bluetooth Headphones 

  • Sennheiser Bluetooth Speakers

And more! Check out our full list of partners here