How Tile Can Help With Pregnancy Brain

By: Cheryl
Tile Tips09.24.2021

Pregnant? During a pandemic? Groundbreaking. Miranda Priestly may not be impressed, but having a baby can be one of the most magical experiences of your life. The process isn't always easy, and there are definitely some challenges that come along with being pregnant.

Right from the first trimester, you may feel great! But you might also start to experience some *undesirable* side effects associated with pregnancy, such as brain fog, otherwise known as pregnancy brain.

What Is Pregnancy Brain?

Many people know about the more common side effects and problems associated with pregnancy and giving birth, such as morning sickness and labor pains. I'm sure you can think of your grandmother or auntie telling you vivid stories about their experiences from "back in the day". In addition to these common signs and symptoms, your mental health can also be affected by pregnancy in a wide range of ways. One common mental side effect of pregnancy is brain fog or pregnancy brain. And yes- IT'S A REAL THING PEOPLE.

Pregnancy brain can occur from the first trimester onward. It's pretty easy to identify, since you might find yourself forgetting the most common pieces of information- like your own birthday. Or, you might find yourself doing things you wouldn't usually do, such as leaving your car keys in silly places. Keys in the fridge, anyone?

It might be funny to people around you when brainfog strikes, but it can also be worrying and difficult to deal with. As your hormone levels shift and change, the intensity of pregnancy brain can increase. Even after giving birth- with so many things to remember and do- you may still struggle with issues like forgetfulness and confusion due to your pregnancy. Fortunately, Tile can help.

Organizing What You Need Before the Baby Arrives with Tile

The pregnancy period can be a stressful and challenging time, with SO many things to remember and think about. This is especially true if it's your first pregnancy and you're not sure what to expect, and are busy creating lists on lists to keep track of life in general. Not only do you need to keep up with doctor's appointments and key dates, but you also have to think about preparing a nursery and getting everything you need set up before the baby arrives.

You might find yourself nesting and wanting to prepare a whole new nursery with all the things, like baby monitors, cameras, diaper bags, bottles, breast pumps, pacifiers, and so on. And not to mention preparing your own hospital bag with all the items you need for the moment when the baby is coming and it's time for the miracle of giving birth.

With so many important things to think about, it's easy for you to accidentally misplace things. I mean, you're birthing a human for goodness sake. Tile can help to remove any confusion from the air. You can attach Tile devices like Tile Stickers, Tile Mate, and Tile Pro to all of your baby essentials and items, and sync them with your phone so you'll be able to find anything you need around the house in an instant! Throw a Tile Tag in your baby's diaper bag so you can always find it before running out of the house. Throw one in your hospital bag while you're at it! You'll never know when you need to find something.

Use Tile to Keep Track of Simply Daily Items to Lower Stress

One of the main side effects of pregnancy brain is heightened levels of stress and anxiety; it can be exhausting to find yourself forgetting the simplest things and not knowing where you've left those everyday essentials such as your keys, your wallet, your phone, and so on. Again, Tile tags are here to save the day.

You can tag your most-used daily items with Tile tags, such as your wallet and keys. This way, if ever you have a sudden bout of pregnancy brain and can't quite remember where something is, all you need to do is open up the Tile app on your Android, iOS, or Windows device to locate your property, or connect Tile to your home assistant and get Google, Siri, or Alexa to help you hunt down your missing items if you can't get a hold of your phone. Plus, you can double press the button on any Tile Tag to ring your phone, wherever it may be hidden.

How Tile Can Help You Manage a Pregnancy and Other Children

Having multiple kids simply gives you even more things to remember. Not only are you thinking about your own items and the things you'll need after giving birth to the new baby, but also the items for your other kids, such as backpacks, tablets and other devices, and of course toys.

It can feel almost impossible to keep up with everything for all your kids when brainfog strikes, especially at key moments like right before school or bedtime when your child wants their favorite toy and you don't know where it is. Again, Tile can help with this. You can tag your family's essentials and favorite items with Tile Stickers and devices to stay on top of everything, with minimal stress and no need to worry.

Pro Tip- attach a Tile Sticker on all of your TV and other house remotes for easy finding!

Extra Pro Tip- change the ring volume on your Tile Trackers inside the Tile App to make sure baby doesn't wake up from the ringing. Didn't I say Tile Tags are here to save the day?

Read on for a Tile user's testimonial on how our Bluetooth trackers have helped:

True Story. My wife & I are 29 weeks (7 months) pregnant and we have a two year old. We are very organized people, but the combination of a pregnancy and a toddler tend to take away from some of the mental mindspace we used to have. It can just be little things like remembering where the iPad went, or who used the shared car keys last. We use Tile on a daily basis. And being pregnant, she tends to misplace things a lot more frequently. My wife lost her wallet in the last few days and didn't notice because I had been paying for the weekend purchases. When we were getting ready to go to Daycare on Monday, she asked me "where is my wallet?" Of course, I personally had no idea. This sets off the chain reaction of couples being responsible for each others items and the stress it creates.

Eventually, she drove to work regardless hoping that it would turn it. She could not ring her wallet with the Tile app because she had forgot her password and it was not setup as a shared tile. We were able to reset her password later that day and mark the Tile in her clutch as Lost. Within two hours, another employee had walked by her car, and we got the email that her wallet was found. IT WAS IN HER CAR THE WHOLE TIME under a sweatshirt.

I would personally recommend Tile to all parents and especially any couples who are expecting.

Patrick, Tile

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