The Purrfect Gifts for All the Pets and Animal Lovers

By: Cheryl
Great Gifts11.10.2021

Animals can bring so much joy into our lives. Whether it's a friendly, happy dog wagging its tail when you walk through the door or a soft, cuddly cat curling up at your feet on a cold night, there's nothing quite like the company of a furry friend.

Since these little guys do so much for us, we have to think about paying them back now and then with fun gifts and useful accessories. A pet tracker is one of the best purchases you can make for your own pet or for an animal lover in your life.

Pet trackers are able to keep track of your pets around the house and outside, even when they're out of sight. That way, if your cat is playing hide and seek, or your dog digs their way into the neighbor's yard, you'll be able to track them down quickly and easily with just a ring.

Tile Pro Is Best for Outdoor Pets

Which Tile pet tracker is best to track your pet, or will make the perfect gift to a dog owner or cat lover you know? The Tile Pro is one of the top pet trackers money can buy right now, perfectly suited for pets that spend most of their time outdoors.

This Bluetooth tracker has a long range of up to 400 feet, so it can work well even for those with big homes and plenty of outdoor space. 

Other features of the Tile Pro that make it such a good cat tracker and dog tracker is its durable design. It's also water-resistant, ready to withstand puddle splashes and rain showers, as well as the everyday dip into a water bowl. Plus, it's got a super loud ring that you can hear from far away and features a 1-year replaceable battery too.

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QALO Dog ID Tags for Customized Tracking 

Looking for an awesome customized animal tracker to gift a dog owner in your life or to help protect and identify your own canine companion? If so, QALO TraQ is what you need. Powered by Tile, the TraQ is a special and stylish dog ID tag designed to protect furry friends and prevent them getting lost. 

The QALO TraQ Dog ID Tag is super smart, exceptionally lightweight at just 0.4 ounces, and available in five different styles that you can customize according to your (and your dog's) sense of style. Plus, it's also one of the most affordable pet trackers on the market right now.

This pet ID tag features the Tile Mate tracking technology on the inside. Thanks to this, you can both add an ID to your best bud and also ring it to find your dog. Simply open up the Tile app on your phone and ring the QALO TraQ Dog ID Tag with a tap of the screen. 

If your dog wanders beyond the 200 foot Bluetooth range, you can also use the Tile app and QALO TraQ Dog ID Tag to see their most recent location and enlist the aid of the Tile Network to find your furry friend and keep them safe until you arrive. 

Keep Track of Your Pets Things

As well as tracking your actual pet, you may also want to consider investing in Tile technology to keep track of all those essential pet items that are easily misplaced. A set of Tile Bluetooth trackers for yourself or a pet owner in your life can help save tons of time when looking after your cat, dog, or other animal.

Tile trackers like the Tile Mate can be easily attached to everyday pet essentials like your dog's leash, your cat's favorite toy, food bowls, kennels, collars, carriers, and more. With so much time saved, you'll have more moments to spend with your furry pal.

Find Your Cat, Find Your Dog- and More!

Pets can be pretty sneaky. Cats often silently tiptoe away when you're not looking and hide beneath beds and in dark corners, and dogs can also be quite mischievous- ending up in places they shouldn't go. 

Tile users around the world have also successfully used Tile trackers for their unique pets as well! We’ve seen people put Tile on their bunnies, chickens, roosters, goats, horses, and even Tile Sticker to track pet turtles. Don’t worry- the adhesive is non-toxic and safe to use on their shells. There couldn’t be a better gift to get that one friend who decided to start an alpaca farm! 

No matter what your four-legged friend looks like, or how many legs your friends’ pets have, Tile’s got you covered with an array of great gifts for everyone.