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Pretty Gifts for Mothers on Mothers Day

Celebrate Your Wife on Mother's Day

By: Tile
Great Gifts02.22.2021

Mother's Day is the perfect time to let the moms in your life know how much you
appreciate all their hard work. If you need the perfect Mother's Day gifts for your wife or mother, look no further. Our helpful guide can help you plan a memorable and heartwarming Mother's Day.

Why Tile Makes a Great Gift for the Moms in Your Life

Tile trackers are a great option when shopping for Mother's Day gifts for a wife, mother, or mother-in-law. With their long-lasting battery and reliable Bluetooth connection, these trackers make it easy to find phones, jackets, keys, purses, and more. It's easy to get a Tile that suits your loved one's style since the Limited
Edition Tile
trackers come in a variety of colorful patterns and designs.

Limited Edition Tiles Make a Great Mother's Day Gift for Anyone

Shop Mother's Day Gifts

Gifting your loved one a Tile can show that you truly listen to their needs. If your mom constantly calls you asking for help finding her tablet, a Tile tablet tracker is a great solution. When your wife mentions how frustrating it is to constantly hunt down her keys, a Tile Mate for her keychain can be a heartwarming present. If you want an especially thoughtful present, go ahead and set it up for her by attaching the Tile and syncing it to the Tile app on her phone. Then, if your wife loses something, all she has to do is grab her phone and ring her Tile.

Tiles are also excellent Mother's Day gifts for your mother-in-law or mom because they are so convenient. Giving a mom a Tile shows you value her time. With the ability to easily ring lost objects or look at an item's last-known location, busy moms don't have to stress about missing belongings anymore. By giving them a Tile as a gift, you give them more time to spend doing what they love.

Things to Do on Mother's Day

In addition to stellar Mother's Day gifts for a wife or mom, you'll also need some fun activities for Mother's Day. Remember that the goal of Mother's Day is to make the moms in your life feel appreciated. You'll need to think about their personalities, interests, and preferences as you consider things to do on Mother's Day.

If you've got kids, make sure your wife knows how much you value your family. Check out these neat things to do with your wife on Mother's Day.

  • Surprise her by scheduling a family photo and dressing the kids up in nice clothes.

  • Plan a family picnic in your backyard or local park, and be sure to pack your wife's favorite foods.

  • Have your kids draw art for mom, and then frame it in a nice picture frame for her desk.

  • Hide random thank you notes around the house to acknowledge all her hard work!

  • Plan a mom party with all her mom friends on Zoom, and volunteer to handle childcare if they want a break.

  • Bring her breakfast in bed (and leave a clean kitchen!)

  • Create a slideshow or video compilation of family highlights.

Looking for a great activity to do with your mom or mother-in-law? Try one of
these fun options:

  • When travel is safe again, consider booking a family getaway in a cabin or by the beach.

  • Take a class together for an activity like flower arranging or cooking. Try virtual options when you can't meet in person.

  • Host a family game night with everyone's favorite games.

  • "Interview" them to create a family history book with stories.

  • Volunteer to help with a big home DIY project, like painting the bathroom or putting together furniture.

  • Go berry picking at a local farm or orchard, and then bake something delicious with your harvest.

By taking time to find a thoughtful gift and plan a fun holiday activity, you
can make the moms in your life feel special for Mother's Day. If you need any
help setting up her new Tile, remember that our Help Center is always here to
answer your questions. After you give your mom or wife a Tile, make sure she check out our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages to see other ways of
using it to simplify her life!

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