3 Tips on How to Hide Your Gifts Like a Pro

By: Cheryl
Great Gifts12.01.2021

It's post Black Friday and Cyber Monday! That means many of you have gotten a good chunk of your Holiday shopping done - and now potentially have a huge pile of items to keep out of sight so your kids, pets, or significant other don't find out what you got everyone for Christmas.

So where do you hide all that stuff? In the trunk of your car? In a random scary cupboard? How do you remember where they all are?? Maybe some of you are Monica-level gift getters, and maybe some of you are Rachel-and-Phoebe-level hidden gift finders. Whatever the case, here are 3 tips on how to keep gifts hidden like a pro so only you can find them when it's Christmastime.

Don't Pick an Obvious Spot

Top and bottom of all the closets, under the bed, and the garage are the first places people usually look. But this rule doesn't mean avoid high-traffic areas! Maybe you have an unassuming storage bin with scratchy throw blankets that everyone hates in the corner of your living room. Think about your giftees... think about their likes and dislikes and where they spend their time. Does little Kelly hate reading books? Maybe near the bookshelf would be a great place to hide gifts. Be a thought ninja this Christmas.

Disguise When You Can

Don't wrap your gifts right away! Instead, try putting them in a regular cardboard box for storage so they don't stand out. You can even wrap them in seemingly boring items like spare towels and rugs or mats so the kids don't notice any Playstation logos in the cupboards. You can then store your all the holiday gift wrapping items in a different spot to throw them off the scent.

Throw a Tile Tracker in There!

I don't know about the rest of you, but I personally struggle to remember everything that's going on during the holidays. So how do you remember where you hid all your Christmas gifts? Simple - put a Tile Bluetooth Tracker in the places you've hid them.

This trick will ensure you'll find your gifts when you're ready to put them under your tree. Just activate your Tile Tracker by linking it to the free Tile app on your phone (you can download it on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store), name it whatever top-secret name your heart desires, and throw that bad boy into your hiding spot for effortless finding later.

Tile Mate is usually the one I go for, it has up to a 200 foot range and a sealed 3-year battery (in case you're worried it might get wet). If you need something with a longer range, try Tile Pro.

When you're ready to find, just open up the Tile app and select your top-secret Tile on the Home screen. Then, just hit the green Find button and your Tile will ring once you're close enough. If you're finding late at night, or simply don't want an audible noise, you have the option to lower the volume or even mute the Tile.

Happy hiding this Holiday Season. May the Christmas Force be with you.

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