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Locator App Finds Keys Months of Being Lost at the Post Office

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"Everyone in line and the USPS workers were laughing so hard"

I need to share this story how Tile saved me. I misplaced one of my car keys a few months ago and could not find anywhere. I assumed it was gone for good, and decided this afternoon to just check to see if Tile showed anything. To my surprise, it said my key had been seen 3 hours prior (keep in mind I lost months ago) and a location with it. Decided to hop in my car and drive to that location (a few miles away) just to see what would happen. The only place nearby I had been was the post office. I walked in and asked and they said they hadn't seen anything. I got back in my car and thought I would check the app once more, and sure enough! It told me it was nearby and to keep looking! I kept pushing the FIND to generate the noise and walked around a bit. Decided to walk back in to the post office and sure enough the workers were looking around everywhere trying to figure out where the noise was coming from. She ended up tracking it to a cupboard and VOILA – my keys! Everyone in line and the USPS workers were laughing so hard and Tile App just made my day!!

Thank you so much.

-Carolyn M

Tile's Locator App