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I Lost My Keys on the City Bus! Thanks To Tile I Found Them!

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"Morning Commute: Found lost keys that were left on the bus "

"Yesterday when I got off the bus from work I found I had no car keys. The tile app showed the last known location of my keys so I knew I hadn't left them at work; they must have fallen out of my pocket on the bus. So the next day I took the same bus and tried to find the keys. The bus driver helped but we couldn't find them. Normally at this point I would have given up, but then I remembered the Tile app. It said they were an arm's length away. I pressed the "Find" button and heard a little electronic tune playing nearby. From that we were able to find them wedged in the crack beside the seat and wall of the bus. Very cool, my new gadget has paid off!"

Chris Z.