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The Police Department Uses Tile's Wireless Key Finder

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"Saves time so that we can focus back on serving our community."

My name is Sgt. Rick Decker of the San Mateo Police Dept & SWAT. I use Tile for both personal use and in my department. I was skeptical of using Tile at first, but in the last 2 weeks, I have lost and found my keys with Tile 3 Times. The app works great and I've even had successful pings between different buildings.

Things move really fast at the department. We are very organized, but we do have lots of officers switching between cars, so every once and a while we have a replace a set of keys. Placing Tile on some select vehicle keys and expensive pieces of shared hardware like PAS units helps us protect our investments and save time so that we can focus back on serving our community.

For the price we pay for this little thing, it does a great job, and gives peace of mind regarding select inventory items and replacement costs for our tech gear. Time is our most valuable asset here, and every minute we can save counts. We are also considering giving them to our Neighborhood Watch participants, since the Community Find feature would really help out our community.

- Sgt. Decker