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"The most notable new feature is the built-in Tile tracker, so there's no need to tape a Tile to the outside of your unit."


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Skullcandy's New True Wireless Earbuds Have Built-in Tile Tracking

The Verge, May 27, 2020

Many true wireless earbuds now let you “find” them by either playing a sound (if they’re powered on, out of their case, and nearby) or pulling up the location where they were last paired to your phone. But what if you could track your earbuds even when they’re powered down?

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Tile and Skullcandy Create Most Advanced True Wireless Experience

PR Newswire, May 27, 2020

Tile and Skullcandy continue to innovate by creating the best finding experience to-date for true wireless headphone users. Today, Skullcandy launched four all-new true wireless earbuds: Push Ultra, Indy Evo, Indy Fuel and Sesh Evo, all of which include Tile’s finding technology.

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Built-in Tile is One of My Favorite Laptop Features to Ever Exist

Digital Trends, May 27, 2020

Now, Tile has rolled out a built-in solution for Intel-powered Windows laptops that not only catches up with Apple but, in some ways, surpasses it.

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Tile Announces Partnership with Intel to Track Missing PCs

The Verge, May 7, 2020

Tile has announced a partnership with Intel to bring its tracking technology to laptops in order to help customers track down misplaced or stolen PCs. Intel will be providing “updated solutions” to OEMs later this year, which means we might start seeing Tile laptops in late 2020 or early 2021.
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Tile Teams with Intel to Make PC Laptops and Notebooks Findable

Tile, May 7, 2020

This is the first finding technology solution to-market for a broad group of PC OEMs and means upcoming Intel-powered laptop and notebook models can be findable.

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Comcast’s X1 TV Remote Can Now Ping Your Missing Tile Fobs

Engadget, April 27, 2020

 Tile first introduced its stuff-finding powers to Comcast gear back in 2018, helping Xfinity customers locate errant items by asking their X1 Voice Remote for their location. Now, the partnership has been given an upgrade to make it even easier to find lost things.
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Under $30 Mother's Day Gifts That She's Sure to Love

Yahoo! Style, April 17, 2020 

If your mom is constantly looking for her keys or her purse, the Tile Mate (in three adorable prints, no less) works together with an app to solve that problem for good.
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Lost Property Prevention Tag Tile Launched at Lawson and FamilyMart

Engadget Japan, March 3, 2020 

Google Assistant is today rolling out support for Tile’s Bluetooth tracker, designed to help you keep up with your often misplaced items — like your keys, purse, wallet, remote and more.
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Google Assistant Now Works with Tile to Find Your Lost Stuff

TechCrunch, February 3, 2020 

Google Assistant is today rolling out support for Tile’s Bluetooth tracker, designed to help you keep up with your often misplaced items — like your keys, purse, wallet, remote and more.
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The 35 Best Small and Medium Workplaces in the Bay Area

Fortune, January 16, 2020 

Tile has genuine interest and investment a positive, welcoming and open culture. Unlike many companies, especially start-ups, Tile has developed and actively nurtures a culture that has been defined with input from every level of the organization.
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HP's Elite Dragonfly G2 is the First Laptop with a Tile Tracker Inside

CNN, January 5, 2020

Next up is the featherweight Elite Dragonfly G2, the first laptop with Tile tracking built in. Weighing in at just 2.2 pounds (0.99 kilograms), it's designed to be an ultra-portable machine that doesn't cut corners on power.
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JapanTaxi Launches In-Vehicle Anti-Lodge Tag Capture Function, for Taxi-Moving Tile Radar

TechCrunch Japan, December 11, 2019

 From today on December 11, Tile's detection system will be installed in all multi-terminal "Japan Taxi tablets" installed in the back seats of 20,000 taxis nationwide. This will increase the chances that users of Tile will find a wallet that they have dropped or left behind.

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Tile Introduces Powerful New Line-Up, Features a Tile for Everything

Global Newswire, October 8, 2019

Tile today launches an all-new hardware line-up, including Tile’s most innovative tracker yet, Sticker; a new sleek form factor for Slim; and expanded range for classics Pro and Mate. Together, this next generation of Tile products unlocks more use cases and greater functionality to help customers find their belongings in every situation.
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IFA 2019: Sennheiser and Tile Partner on Tracking Tech

PCWorld, September 8, 2019

Sennheiser has partnered with Tile to put the company's Bluetooth tracker tech inside the new Momentum Wireless headphones. Bryan Rodrigues, Tile's VP of Marketing, says that “we are reaching a tipping point in our embedded strategy with more and more products coming to market from amazing brands like Sennheiser." 
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Google Assistant Will Help You Find Tile Trackers

Engadget, September 7, 2019

You don't want to lose an item tagged with a Tile Bluetooth tracker, but you'll at least have an easier time finding it in the near future. Tile is planning Google Assistant support that will let you directly ring your tracker from any device that supports the AI helper, making it just a matter of a quick voice command.
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5 Cheap(ish) Things Wirecutter’s Editor in Chief Can’t Live Without

New York Times, August 28, 2019

My wife is a brilliant, hilarious, kind, beautiful and accomplished woman. She also misplaces her phone several times a day, and it drives me crazy.
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Tile Secures $45 Million to Advance Embedded Partnerships, International Growth, Product and Service Expansions

Globe Newswire, July 24, 2019

Tile today announced the closing of its Series C fundraising round, with a minority growth investment led by Francisco Partners, a global technology-focused private equity firm. The investment will accelerate plans to expand Tile’s embedded partnerships whereby third party products become findable just like Tile’s popular first party devices.
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Tile Finds Another $45M to Expand its Item-Tracking Devices and Platform

TechCrunch, July 24, 2019

Tile... has made more recent moves to link up with chipmakers, helping it expand to wireless headsets and other electronic and other connected items as part of a wider smart home strategy. Now, Tile is announcing a round of funding of $45 million to double down on those strategies and fulfill a plan to have its technology in millions of devices by the end of this year.
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Tile CEO on Comcast Partnership and Expanding the Smart Home Platform 

Bloomberg, September 24, 2018  

CJ Prober, Tile Inc. chief executive officer, discusses the company's partnership with Comcast Corp. to expand the smart home platform. He speaks with Bloomberg's Emily Chang on "Bloomberg Technology."
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Tile names GoPro Vet CJ Prober New CEO, Adds Comcast as Investor and New Product Partner 

TechCrunch, September 24, 2018

There’s a changing of the guard, and a new strategic partnership, over at Tile, the startup that helps you keep tabs on the location of your things by way of small tracking devices.
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Skullcandy’s New Headphones Are Harder to Lose Thanks to Tile 

Engadget, August 22, 2018

The $180 Venue are sleek with over-ear cans with more modest branding (just a dime-sized logo on the headband) than is typical for the company's product lines for a cleaner look. They're also integrated with Tile's device-locating technology, letting you track down misplaced headphones using Tile's mobile app.
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