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Lost Your Laptop Tile App
octobre 12, 2016

track your lost laptop

It happens to everyone. You are busy to get home or out the door & you leave something on the roof of your car.  You might have left a wallet of the roof of your car or a great cup of coffee, but Ben lost his computer.  He got distracted as he was leaving his office & left his computer on the roof of his car.  Driving 70mph on the highway going home, it slid off the roof onto the road.  However, Ben had a Tile Slim attached to his laptop with our adhesives so he knew exactly where it was.  

Tile has a feature called "last place seen." If your app is running, it is constantly scanning for your Tiles to know they are nearby.  If a Tile goes out of range, usually when you leave it somewhere, the app will mark it on the map so you can always go back to that last known location. In this customer story, this is where Ben's computer fell off the roof.  Ben was able to go back to that exact spot & get back his computer. While it was broken, it was in good enough shape to get the data pulled off of it - 1.25TB of data. This included work & personal files, including photo. 

The lesson of the story is to attach a Tile Slim to your laptop just incase. We have all experienced that moment when you leave your bag behind somewhere with your computer behind. Even if it's for 10 minutes, panic easily sets in.  Even if you back up your data, the fear of being without your data & connection to the rest of your world can be paralyzing. So Tile your kindle, iPad, and any other electronic device you value.  Why would you risk all that going missing without the Tile system to help get it back. 

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