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août 11, 2015

Tile Helps Find Mans Best Friend

Sometimes, Tile can help give the little bit of extra information you need to find your best friend. We are super excited to report that we were able to help Ken reunite with his dog! Another great story of how Tile helps find the things that matter!

"Yesterday afternoon my wife was walking our dog in the Shenandoah mountains and fell and the dog got away and chased a deer into the woods. She still had her leash attached. My wife was unable to find her and spent until nightfall looking for her. I was 200 miles away at the time and rushed there to help, but with all the bears in the area, was just too dangerous to go looking for her at night. So I drove around the area hoping she got to a road and her Tile would ping or she'd get near another Tile user. No luck.

First thing in the morning I set out to go hiking in the mountain to look for her. I figured she was probably stuck on her leash. I feared she would be a bear meal honestly.

I finally heard her barking way off in the distance but as I got closer she got silent. This is where the Tile saved the day. She has one on her and I kept my phone out hoping to get a hit on her Tile. Finally it lit up. What a happy dance I was doing. But alas, she was still not making any noise so I feared the worse. I kept walking around back and forth watching the Tile app to see if I was getting closer. Finally I found her, alive and well.

So THANK YOU. Even though the range is limited to 100 feet, it was all I needed to confirm I was close and I needed to look closer to find her. If it wasn't for Tile I would have probably missed her. Also I had zero cell signal in that area yet the Tile as still able to function to help find her!"

-Ken W.

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