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Technology & ADHD


Many of the stories we receive through our community are sensational and unbelievable. However, the majority of what we hear from our community is how it helps so many people with tiny things every day that adds up. This is especially true for many people with ADHD/ADD. For adults or students who have traits of ADHD/ADD, Tile may help them be a bit more organized with their stuff and time. In some cases it may help them with productivity and even their job. The following is a story of how Tile has helped someone in this Community. If you know someone that struggles with losing stuff or organization of their things, tell them about Tile. We don't presume that this is helpful for everyone who struggles who has elements of ADHD, but for some it is life changing.

"All of my life, I was misplacing important every items, like keys, purses, laptop, phone, etc. I was chronically late to family and friends events. And if someone else happened to move one of those items, forget it. It would be almost an hour of crippling anxiety before I could find it (even if it was in a 'logical' place).

I could not understand what was going on with me. I had similar struggles with organization at work and for house chores. My graduate school research was slipping. Finally... I got the diagnosis – I had ADHD that had gone undiagnosed my entire life! Many ADHDers have the same struggles I have with misplacing important items. Any help that we can get is immensely appreciated.

I have Tiled my phone, my purse, my laptop bag, my cats, my dog, my luggage – the list goes on! One small and simple Tile, and yet, I'm never late anymore! It is so easy to click the button and beep whatever it is that I can't find. Not only does this help with keys that get buried under the mail, but it helps me ensure that my kitties are not stuck somewhere before I leave (sometimes they wander into closets).

I know my story is not as miraculous as others utilizing the global Tile community, but I can tell you that my story is very powerful to me. Thank you Tile for playing a big role in helping me get my life back together. Peace of mind and less anxiety has enabled me to focus on the things that really matter in life."

-Melissa A.

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