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 Free 2-day Express Shipping

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Do you love Tile? Refer a friend in-app by hitting the settings icon, and sharing a note with your contacts on social media. If 2 of your friends buy, you'll get a free Tile. It's that simple.  You can access this link anytime. 

Refer A Friend Instructions

Every day we have people reach out to us on Facebook & Instagram with amazing lost & found stories. We wanted to let you know that you could also be earning free Tiles for your efforts by tagging your posts with your personalized URL.  In the app, simply click "get free Tiles" under settings to access your own personal URL.  You can copy and paste this link into an email, a tweet, or even an Instagram description.  And if two of your friends visit our website through your link, we'll send you a free Tile.  It's simple & easy to do. 

Every person who downloads our app or buys a Tile makes the network that much stronger. Thank you for helping make Tile the most popular lost & found network and spreading the word! 

- The Tile Team

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