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Lost Car Keys Tileapp Becky
juin 28, 2016

Lost Keys Recovered 2 Miles Away After Car Burglary

We often get asked what to do if your purse if stolen in a rural area?  It is true that Tile is not a real time GPS tracking device for stolen goods, however, we find that some people are able to use Tile to connect the dots if they hot on the trail of an incident.       

Becky’s car was broken into at a national park & someone stole her purse. We helped her get her keys back in a matter of hours. 

Just 30 minutes later, a couple found her purse which contained her business card so they called her.  Obviously her purse was found in this case by a random person, but the really cool part here is how she found her lost keys.  

“My husband and son-in-law went to where they were and decided to try to find the keys (and Tile) using the phone thinking the thieves may have tossed them over the wall and down the hill. Sure enough, they began the search on the phone and heard the beeping in the distance – probably 30 to 40 feet away, over the wall and down the slope a bit. They reported they would never have found the (lost) keys by just looking over the wall as the brush was too thick.”

- Becky H, California 

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