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juillet 28, 2015

How one Family saved $600 dollars at a Canadian McDonalds!

This story takes place in Canada and involves bull-riding, high speed trains, and supersize fries - what could be better? Traveling with a family takes a lot of coordination, and sometimes life has other. Between switching trains and watching over two of the kids, mom accidentally left her backpack with keys behind on the moving train on the way to the rodeo. Due to parking, this family altered their routine, which is when people tend to misplace things. They were devastated and a bit anxious if someone else had the keys to their life & home. Luckily after a week, another member of the Tile Community found their keys through our Community Find feature by simply driving through the pickup window at McDonalds. wow. Turns out someone threw the keys away, and a manager found them and put them aside incase someone came looking. We can either consider this the fun surprise in the happy meal, or a great value meal bonus. This saved them 600 dollars in replacement costs. Full Story below.

"My Wife went to the Stampede and normally she would drive, but her friend insisted on taking the LRT (Light Rail Transit) down to the Stampede. Not being familiar with it, with my 2 little boys in tow, they got on the train and rushed to sit down. She took off her backpack, and set it on the seat beside her. My wife left her lululemon backpack on that first train, with all their coats, sunscreen, and worst of all Car keys in the backpack. We had a tile device on the car keys and the backpack was heading to a not so great part of town. We tried everything we could to get the backpack back, but someone decided to keep it. The worst part about losing your house key, car keys is the thought is if someone could find your house and break in or take your car.

We set the car keys to lost mode and thought they were gone for good. About a week later, our iPhone popped up a Key’s found notification way in the other side of the city at a McDonalds, so we went to that spot. We couldn’t detect the keys and my wife suggested we go through the drive through, so we did, and it detected the keys were in range! It turned out someone had thrown them away at McDonalds and one of the managers found them and fished them out placing them inside incase someone came looking. Another Tile user went through the drive through and detected the keys which triggered the email! That saved us $600 getting new fob and key for our car. "

Calgary, Canada

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