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Lost Camera Found - Tile Tracking Device

Track Your Lost Camera with Tile's Camera Finder


One of our customers was traveling around Cambodia and he lost his camera after an epic night.  While the Tile network in Cambodia is probably not as big as he would like, Wayne knew that there was two other ways to use the app to find your things. He decided to retrace his steps with the Tile app & he found it in less than an hour.  This illustrates how Tile's proximity sensor can be used as a tool to help you find it faster.  Especially when you are traveling abroad, tools like Tile can help you find your camera or anything else when you just need a little bit of extra help. 

"I woke up the next day & asked my friend have you seen my camera?  She said “no.” I searched everywhere in my hotel room but no luck.  So we decided to go back and retrace our steps & ask a few of the bartenders if anything had turned in.  I remembered we had a Tile, so I turned on Bluetooth and of we went at it.  I was about 20 meters from the Hard Rock cafe and a Tile message came up that “my camera had been found.” I knocked on the door and asked about a camera.  And they had it!  Thank you Hard Rock and Tile for helping find my camera."

- Wayne T. 

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