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août 8, 2016

Keep extracurricular costs down with Tile

We all remember how it felt to start a sport, hobby or club in high school —  meeting new people, learning a skill, and of course, buying the gear. Research has shown that on average parents spend $600 per extracurricular activity, per child in high school and while a lot of this expense goes toward registration fees and transportation, the bulk of the haul comes from buying the essential gear they need to participate. 

Youth sports are by far the most popular category of extracurricular activity, followed by playing a musical instrument and theater/drama. Sports also tend to necessitate a lot of little expensive items that can easily go missing. 

Ballet can be equally expensive. Pointe shoes on average cost $70 a pair, leotards and tights are $20 and $10 respectively. Over the course of a seven-year dancing career you can expect to spend over $30,000 on these items alone. Just imagine how this cost goes up if you were to lose the ballet bag. 

Luckily, Tile can help. Simply attach it to any item that is too precious to lose and you can find it whenever it goes missing. Locating over half a million items every day, on average it takes Tile about 15 seconds to find a misplaced bag. 

This school year, stay focused on what matters: the big game, the solo performance, the recital. Tile makes sure that you don't have to worry about losing your valuable equipment. 

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