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Keys Lost Ocean Tile
février 23, 2016

Found my Keys in the Ocean

We found someone’s keys in the Ocean. That’s incredible! Losing your keys in sand can be a beach, but with Tile, it’s more of a long romantic search party effort. 

Tile works everywhere. While we find a lot of things in cities and your home, the real potential of Tile is to go wherever you go. It’s a living, breathing, moving network. Stephen went to the beach, lost his keys, and recovered them using our hot & cold feature. He simply retraced his steps with the app open, and when Tile was in range, he got a notification that they had been found. 

Full details below. 

“It was a beautiful Saturday in February. After a series of brutal cold weeks with several snow storms, this weekend was set to be warmer than an average. So I decided to bring the kids for a stroll on our local Jones Beach on Long Island. We ventured close to the Ocean and walked along the shoreline. 
I guess I got more adventurous as I did so and ended up right at the edge of the water. Before long and to a sudden surprise when I wasn’t looking - a wave crashed right at my feet and had me scurrying to dryer ground. In all the excitement - my iPhone 6s fell out of my pocket into the water. I dashed to pick it up jumping up with the phone and then swiftly thing off the cover, drying the device as quickly as possible. Yay it still worked. We then walked further along the beach and back onto the famous Jones Beach Boardwalk. 
It wasn’t till about 10 maybe 15 minutes later I realized my keys were gone. 
We went back following our footsteps back to the shoreline without any success. We retraced our steps back on the route we had taken back to the car…again no success. We checked the car and then the Boardwalk with no success. I realized that the only realistic place that the keys might have fallen out of my pocket was when I dropped my phone. So we again retraced our steps back down to the shoreline. By now I was thinking how troublesome this might be as the tide was coming in, the keys were now missing about 30 mins (and if in the ocean might have been covered in sand, water etc). I began to think of all the keys I would be missing on this key ring. My car key, my Thule box key, a USB id key, a nomad lightning adapter, a key to my shed, and everything would have to be replaced. Then I smiled when I realized I had placed a Tile on this key ring! I launched the App as we scoured our previous path. I noted that the Tile was lost in the app and then the app kicked in. I had tested the App previously in the comfort of home so had a little fear that the conditions were not right for this technology to work. Alas, the app kept re-assuring that it was looking for Tile – searching for its missing compliment. 
Then WOW, my keys were in range! And sure enough, in about 4-5 inches of water, there glistened my keys, the white square beckoning.
Unbelievable and amazing! The keys were waterlogged with sand in every crevice - but holey moley…we found them. The App did what it was supposed to do. We jumped up with joy. 
Thank you Tile.“ 
- Stephen, Woodbury, NY

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