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Lost Luggage App - Tokyo

Found my lost bags in Hong Kong with Tile


Tile is great for peace of mind while traveling internationally. One member from our community used Tile as a luggage tracker, and was able to find that his lost bag was turned into security while flying through Hong Kong. It was a carry on piece, which otherwise would have been untraceable. While there is a good chance his bag would turned up eventually, he would been severely inconvenienced in the short term, and he would have spend a good amount of his own time playing tag on the phone. For the fraction of a GPS luggage tracker, Leonid was able to get his stuff back in a very short amount of time and made his connecting flight. Another great success story about using the Tile app to find lost luggage.

Full story below.

"Having been on the work related travel marathon for the last few month my trip last week took me to India for 3 days. On the way back home I had a few hour connection in Hong Kong early in the morning, and while I was running on fumes after a red-eye flight I had some time to burn so I had checked out few shops, grabbed some breakfast and headed off to the lounge to grab some coffee and few pictures of the beautiful backdrop to the airport. After the small delay our lovely 747 was ready to board and right I was leaving the lounge I have realized that I only have my backpack but not the carryon suite case. With only 15 minutes till boarding I have immediately asked the lounge staff to call "Lost and Found" and Security but nothing was reported, nothing was found in the lounge itself either. Then I remembered that one of the 4 tiles was in the suitcase, and opened the app. It seems that I was near my bag about an hour earlier in the middle of the terminal – I immediately marked the tile as lost and headed that way. Approaching the last location phone, I got a connection to the tile but nothing was to be found in the vicinity but a perfume store. After a bit of looking I realized that the airport security was just few floors below and thats where I found my lost bag! I was able to make it to the gate just as the boarding started and get on with the journey home. While I am sure the bag would have turned up eventually, I was able to save a ton of time, money and hassle by simply having one tacked in the back. My Tile has paid for itself and then some."

- Leonid I.

Lost Luggage Tracker - Hong Kong
Lost Luggage Map - Hong Kong

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