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mai 16, 2016

Find your lost items faster: Meet the new Tile app

The latest release of the Tile app features a new process for finding your stuff when it’s too far to away to locate by sound. Now you will be guided through a series of tips to bring you closer to your things, faster. 

To understand the thought and inspiration behind this release, we asked Tile Mobile Product Manager Mayank Kumar and Tile UX Designer Melody Quintana to walk us through the new app. Watch the video below to find out more: 

The app now offers a series of features to help guide your search. We call these “Tips” and “Options.”

 “Tips” are like the next logical step you should take to find your stuff. For example, a tip might be to view a map of the last place you had your Tile. Another tip tells you to walk around to reestablish your connection if the app recognizes that you are close to your Tile but a little out of Bluetooth range. 

“Options" are all of the possible actions you could take with your Tile. "Options" provide insights and resources that you might not think of right off the bat, like sharing your Tile or visiting the Tile help center. The app now takes you directly to our customer support center from the options screen to help you troubleshoot any challenges you may be having. 

Update to the latest version of the Tile app today to experience these features for yourself. 

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