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Never Lose Your Cane

Helping those with Early Stages of Alzheimers


Something we get asked about all the time is "how Tile can help people with Alzheimers?" After talking to several people, we found that for certain people in the early stages of memory loss, Tile can be a huge help for helping people stay organized. Using our app as a simple reminder of where they left something and being able to find it quickly brings great peace of mind. We got a wonderful letter from one of our community members below. Small things can make a life changing, and we are glad we could help this couples a bit easier every day. If you know someone with stages of early memory loss and think Tile can help, let us know.

"Dear Tile,

Steve Zimmerman gave a presentation of the TILE at the Denver Alzheimer’s Association Office last week. I had asked him how to attach it to a cane as it is my husband “favorite thing” to lose. Using a hair tie, as your team suggested, works wonderfully. At home Jack loses his cane because he has furniture to use as a support. He misplaces it several times a week. The TILE made finding his cane very easy but we were not sure if it would take a bit of harder use, like walking in the mountains. He never misplaces his cane when he is outside because he needs it for balance but he does drop it once in a while.

This week we gave it the mountain test and it passed beautifully. As you can see in the picture below, we could hike and the TILE stayed in place. We didn’t have to remove it just because we were outside. I plan to get a few more and one will go back on my keys and one for my husbands pocket so I can alert him that I am looking for him.

Thank you for removing one more of life’s frustrations."

Gerry B.

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