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Next generation swag, sponsored by you.

Tile is both affordable and useful. Instead of a the same old swag for your office or event, give them something they will use every day to keep track of what matters to them.

The possibilities are endless.

Loyalty programs, tradeshow giveaways, gifts for clients, executives, employees, or for direct mail targeting.

With a dash of premium technology

At Tile, we believe that technology, design, and ingenuity can solve problems that most of us take for granted. We believe that simple solutions, applied in a new way, can have powerful results.


If you or another Tile user gets within range of your lost Tile tag you will be notified of it's location.

Location updates

Whether left at the office, or in the next room, Tile displays a map of the last known location of your things so you can easily track them.

Community find

If you are out of bluetooth range mark your Tile as lost. Instantly, all Tile apps are looking for your item.

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