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Tile's Phone App Helped Me Find My Lost iPad

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"American Airlines Crew Member Finds Lost iPad Using Community Find Feature"

"To the team at tile I would first like to say THANK YOU! This is an amazing story that I have to tell. I'm a flight attendant for American Airlines, and on October 13 I left my iPad on a plane that I was working on. It never showed up at "lost and found," and I resigned myself to thinking it was gone forever. Lucky for me, I'm a gadget geek and I purchased your Tiles during preorder, because I thought it was such a great idea. After marking the Tile as "Lost," the Tile app kept giving me notifications that the iPad was STILL at O'Hare international Airport. I've been getting these notifications for the past five weeks without actually locating it. Yesterday, November 26 I decide to go to work early in order to narrow down the search. As it turns out I kept finding my tile in the vicinity of three gates. I decide to check each gate one by one. No luck at the first two, but at the third gate the find button for playing the tune pops up and I hit it. I'm walking around the gate listening intently, and in the closet behind the gate I hear the tile singing it's BEAUTIFUL tune. I asked the agent who happened to be there, if he would open the closet for me. Inside the closet for sure the tile is playing much louder. I get to digging around in boxes and find nothing but still hear the tile. Above the door was a ledge, so I feel around up there, and I find my iPad!! Covered in dust and still with a 20% charge, my iPad is back in my possession! I can't begin to tell you how happy I am."

With Gratitude and Sincerely,

Randal C. American Airlines

Tile's tracking app found my lost ipad!