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Find Your Missing Keys in the Dark with Tiles Key Locator

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"Tile helped me find my keys in the dark"

I'd been waiting months to watch Mockingjay Part One. I settled in with all lights off to start watching. 30 minutes later, there was a complete power outage! I hunted around the house in the dark for my torchlight, and turned it on. However, to my surprise the torch failed even with new batteries. I considered using my iPhone flash-light, but the battery was at 25% and I wasn't sure how long the power outage would last. If it lasted all night, I would have had no alarm for the morning.

Next step was to go to the local store to buy some candles. Easy right? Except I wasn't sure where I put my keys down. I fumbled around in the dark for a while going mad with frustration. I went to turn on my iPhone LED when I saw my TILE icon and knew that was the way to go! Even in the dark, I had found my lost keys within seconds. Ironically, I made it to the store only to find I'd left my wallet at home! If only I had another Tile!

I can't rate the Tile high enough. It just works when you need it with little effort. I often forget that I have Tile and start looking for things, and then this moment of eureka comes over me where I quickly fire up that app. It has saved my bacon many times over.