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B2S SALE | Mate & M/S Combo 4-Pk $50 

BACK-TO-SCHOOL SALE | Mate or Mate/Slim Combo 4-Pk $50

Pro with replaceable battery


Our toughest tracker is up for anything.

Pro 1-pack
Pro 2-pack (Black) + FREE Slim
Pro Combo 4-pack (Black & White)

Mate with replaceable battery


Versatile, reliable. No wonder it's so popular.

Mate 1-pack
Mate 4-pack
Mate 8-pack

Slim in wallet


For narrow spaces and low-profile places.

Slim 1-pack
Slim 4-pack

Pro Combo with replaceable battery

Pro Combo

Two options to fit every occasion.

Pro Combo 2-pack
1 Black + 1 White
Pro Combo 4-pack
2 Black + 2 White

Mate + Slim with replaceable battery

Mate + Slim

Double down on finding power. Done + done.

Mate + Slim Combo 4-pack
Mate + Slim Combo 8-pack

Pro Adhesive


Adhesives make attaching your Tile even easier

Mate Adhesives
Pro Adhesives

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