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Cell Phone Accessories That Will Make Your Life Seriously Easier

Reader's Digest, Aly Walansky, 08.07.2017

Given our dependence on smartphones, the idea of making them even more useful is not just enticing—it's exciting. See what these accessories can do for your digital best friend.

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This Startup is Cashing in on Our Forgetfulness

CNN Tech, Kaya Yurieff, 08.08.2017

Richard Beddingfield came home after a skiing trip in Colorado when he couldn't find his prescription sunglasses.

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Tile Bluetooth Tracker Gets Louder with a New Look

CNET, Lexy Savvides, 08.08.2017

If you've heard of Bluetooth trackers, you probably know Tile. It's a small, battery-powered device that beeps when you ring it from a phone, or it can ring your phone when you press the button on the front.

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Tile’s New Lost Item Trackers Have Double the Range, Better Looks

TechCrunch, Sarah Perez, 08.08.2017

On the heels of a $25 million funding round, connected device maker Tile is today rolling out a more premium line of lost item trackers, with the launch of its Tile Pro series.

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24 Things You Absolutely Need in Your Dorm Room Freshman Year

USA Today, Carly Knobloch, 07.28.2017

Leaving for college is a big deal on the path towards adulting—you’re not quite on your own yet, but you’re far from Mom and Dad’s watchful eye. If you’re moving out in pursuit of a higher education this September, we’ve rounded up the things you’ll need to survive dorm life.

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