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Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt


With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, we wanted to show you a super fun and thoughtful Tile hack you can use surprise your partner this year.  

Full disclosure: this isn’t exactly our idea. See, we’re actually “borrowing” this tip from a Tile community member who used it to propose his fiancee last year - Nailed it!  

For this hack, you are going to need the following things: 

- A Tile.  
- The Tile app on both your phone and your partner’s phone.  
- A gift.  
- Access to your partner’s home or office.    

Step one: Take your Tile and name it something you would commonly leave behind at your Valentine’s house. “Keys,” “Purse,” “Wallet” — something safe and attach it to your Valentine’s present. 

Step two: Find a secure place where you want to stash their present.  Obviously, use your discretion here. You want it to be a place that they know you’ve visited recently, but not some place they are likely easily stumble upon.  Hide your present here! 

Step three: On Valentine’s Day, text or call your special someone and let them know that you left your _______ at their house. Then mention that you know it’s there because you had a Tile attached to it, and you can see it in the app (seriously, you can really do this, it’s called “Last Place Seen,” and it’s pretty rad). Then, ask them if you can share the Tile with them so they can find it for you. (If you need a hand sharing Tiles, watch this video). Then share the Tile with them. 

*Important: make sure your app is not connected to the Tile when you share it with them. A Tile can only be ringable from one device at a time. 

In a few moments they should be able to discover their present….and you just won Valentine’s day!  Give it a shot and let it know how it goes.

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