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May 13, 2016

I (used to) have the Worst Luck

On Friday the 13th, people talk a lot about luck. And honestly, we all have our things, right? If we don’t, we love hearing other people’s quirks, superstitions, and beliefs. I personally have something about open indoor umbrellas & shoes on the table – I'm told it's an Italian thing. 

However for some situations, “unlucky” is something that doesn’t have to happen. I've often heard “Just my luck – my keys are no where to be found.” That’s where Tile can come in handy. We help people find all these small things every day, so you can focus on the bigger things. Maybe if you had Tile, you wouldn’t have missed that bus or flight. However, we insist on calling it luck or lack of luck ( Rounders reference here ;) 

Thinking broader, we are living in a time where technology in general can fix a lot of these little things. Not all of them, but some. We now have tools and systems in place that can eliminate (some) bad luck moments. While, we can’t help you avoid a falling piano, maybe another app can remind you when traffic is bad, or if it’s going to rain. Cumulatively all these small moments in our day that seem random, might actually turn out to be more predictable. These small changes and moments in our day can have a profound impact on our worldview. Who knows? Maybe an app can change your luck.

  With a perspective, Patrick @ Tile.

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