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Tile Dad

Tyler Uses Tile Sharing to Track His Wallet Down in Another City!

By: Zahra

"I was on a group trip to San Francisco. We had a big group, maybe 20 or 30 of us, and one of the scheduled activities was a trip to the Theatre to watch Hamilton. It wad a great, great show and had a ton of fun watching. 

The next morning, I realized I couldn’t pay for my breakfast because my card was in my wallet, which I must have dropped somewhere in the theatre. "But, oh wait!" I thought, "I have a Tile in my wallet!"

I opened up the Tile app on my phone to see where I had left it. The app told me it was at the theatre, but our flight was leaving in 2 hours and I didn't have enough time to go and get my wallet. So, I left San Francisco without it. And you know what made it even harder? Every time another Tile user walked by my wallet (frequently, because there are many shows at the Orpheum) I would get a notification that it was still there. 

During my sulking, I discovered a new feature in the app, allowing me to share access to my Tile with another person! My friend’s friend worked at the theatre, so I thought, "Maybe there's a chance!" I sent the access to my friend’s friend, and he found it!! After all of my worrying, now my wallet is safely in the mail back to me. Thank you Tile!"

- Tyler Z.

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