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Travel Hacks: Collecting Luggage at Airport Baggage Carousel

Tile Tips05.27.2015

Whether you lost your luggage or just need to find it fast, the Tile luggage tracker is something you should check out.

"When I travel with checked-in luggage, collecting the baggage at the carousel has always been a challenging experience. I always feel that I need to hone my hunting skills to get to a good vantage point so that I can collect my baggage quickly and move out of the airport.

The airlines till now had no control on this as they have been dependent on the organization managing the airport terminal. Hence irrespective of the class of travel, the experience at the carousel has been a great leveler!

I came across this "Tile" application which is targeted to find lost items. I discovered an interesting use case...

During my last trip, I dropped the Tile in the checked-in luggage. At the baggage carousel, I stood away from the hustle and bustle and did not jockey for a position near the belt.

I was checking my app to track the status of the luggage. Once the baggage was at the carousel I got a notification that it was close. As the baggage moved closer to where I was standing, the notification asked me to look for the bag. This small device in my bag along with the mobile app transformed my travel experience."

Thennavan Subbiah

This post was originally posted on Subbiah's LinkedIn page and republished with his permission.

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