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March 13

#TileTale Community Roundup: #TileHeroLeague Edition

There are many ways to think of a hero. They can be firefighters or policemen, a mom or dad, or even a friend who shared their lunch when you didn't have one. Heroes help others in both big and small ways.

“...a hero is any person “really intent” on making this a better place for ‘all’ people.”  – Maya Angelou 

Tile uses Bluetooth technology, primarily to help you find your own things, but it also has a key feature--called the Tile Network--that helps you help others, too. So, this month, we’re highlighting some of the stories you shared with us about a time Tile empowered you/or someone you know to do something more for the greater good. Read on to discover who joined our #TileHeroLeague in March. 

Catching a Phone-Stealing Thief Red-Handed

Freedom’s brother found his phone by ringing his Tile (even though his phone was on silent) and saved the day by helping return his friends phones too. 

A Fellow Snowboarder Helped Me Find My Keys

Chris was hitting the slopes in Tahoe, California when he realized he no longer had his keys. Another user marked them lost in the Tile app and helped him recover his keys in the snow. 

“Thanks Tile! I lost my car keys on the slopes of Squaw Valley. Marked them lost in-app and later a community member went near them letting me narrow down their GPS. Found them thanks to the awesome range of the Tile Pro I just upgraded to! #tilemagic 

I Found My Keys Hanging from a Tree

A friendly neighbor swooped in to save the day by anonymously updating the location of Timo’s lost Tile through their app.

“Lost my keys yesterday and have been looking everywhere to find them, I was just notified by Tile that someone sent the key’s location blocks away and I found them hanging from a tree. Guess I dropped them while skateboarding yesterday and someone hung them up. Tile rocks!”

Clearly, heroes are all around us. Follow us on social as we continue to share stories to celebrate the #TileHeroLeague.

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