Now You Can Find Your Lost Fitbit Inspire 2 With Tile

By: Tile
Tile Partners03.22.2021

Now You Can Finally Track Your Lost Fitbit

Do your steps even count if you don’t get to track them with your Fitbit Inspire 2? Well… technically yes, but thankfully it won’t come to that! If you’ve ever found yourself searching all over your house and car for your lost tracker in time to log your epic workout (or your recovery day, we see you) then we have great news for you: 

We’ve partnered with Fitbit to integrate our powerful finding technology directly into the Inspire 2 you know and love. Starting March 22nd, both new and existing Fitbit Inspire 2 users will be able to track their device with Tile, in the free Tile app. 

Read on to learn more about how the integration works and quick tips for setting it up on your own Inspire 2! Installation tips are at the end of this article, so scroll all the way down if you want quick setup help.

How to Find Your Fitbit Inspire 2 with Tile

If you lose your Inspire 2 somewhere nearby, like at your house, just open the Tile mobile app and tap the “Find” button to make your device vibrate so you can easily find it. Or, try using the Proximity Meter in the Tile app to guide you to it visually. And if your Inspire 2 is lost and far away, like maybe you left it at the gym, then you can use the map in your Tile mobile app to see the location of the last place you had it with you. 

If you return to the last place you had it and it’s still not there, you can take advantage of Tile’s global network of users to help you track it down. The Tile Network spans 195 countries and locates up to six million misplaced items every single day.

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Lost Your Phone? Find it with Your Fitbit Inspire 2

If it’s your phone--not your Inspire 2 that you’ve misplaced, it’s easy to use the Tile feature on your Fitbit device to make your phone ring loudly from wherever it’s hiding. Simply open the Tile app from your Fitbit Inspire 2 and tap “Find my phone.” If your phone is connected and within Bluetooth range, it will start to vibrate and ring, even if it’s been set to silent! 

How to Set Up Your Fitbit Inspire 2 with Tile 

If you’re already using your Fitbit Inspire 2, simply open up your Fitbit app to see a prompt that will advise you to update your tracker’s device software. Once it’s been updated, download the Tile app from the Google Play or Apple App Store and follow the steps to activate Tile on your Inspire 2.

Just purchased your Inspire 2? Make sure to update your tracker during the initial setup. Once the update is complete, download the Tile app from the Google Play or Apple App Store and follow the steps to activate the Tile feature on your Inspire 2. 

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