Compatibility Check: Tiles work with both Android™ and Apple® iOS

By: Tile
Tile Tips10.15.2021

Tile trackers like the Tile Mate and Tile Pro make it easier than ever to track down missing items like wallets and keys. Countless hours have been saved with the help of these little gadgets, but you might be wondering whether or not Tile technology is compatible with your particular devices.

Even though the Android vs iOS debate rages on, you can rely on Tile trackers to function seamlessly on both of these leading platforms, along with some of our partnered and integrated devices too. But how can you find out if your device is compatible? This guide will tell you all you need to know about Tile device compatibility.

Tile and Android™

If you have an Android device, it's super simple to figure out if your phone or tablet will work with Tile. Any device running Android 8.0 or a newer version of the Android operating system can work with Tile. This includes: 

  • Samsung Galaxy S6 or newer 

  • Samsung Note 8 or newer 

  • OnePlus 3 or newer 

  • Nexus 5x or newer 

  • Google Pixel/XL One or newer 

If you want to try the Find My Android phone feature with Tile, all you need is a device with Android 8.0 running and Bluetooth 4.0 technology. All new Android phones are fully compatible, and most older models work very well too.

You can even use Tile's clever reverse ring or “Find My Phone” feature to ring and find your phone if it's nearby, by simply double-pressing the Tile button on any Tile tracker. Again, this works with all popular Android models, including new and old variants from brands like Samsung, OnePlus, LG, and Google.

Tile and Apple® iOS

So what about iOS? And what if you want to find an iPhone or other iOS device (like iPads) with the help of Tile technology? Well, Apple fans rejoice! Your platform of choice is well-supported when it comes to Tile, and you can look forward to using our most popular trackers like the Tile Mate and Tile Slim.

You can run the Tile app and use Tile for finding on the vast majority of iOS devices. In fact, Tile is fully compatible with any device that runs iOS version 13 or newer. This includes: 

  • iPhone 6s or newer 

  • All versions of the iPad (Regular, Pro, and Mini) 

  • Apple Watch Series 2 or newer

That being said, you can count on Tile to function seamlessly and simply across the iOS family of devices. It's also worth noting that older iPhones like the 5S and SE will work with the Tile app too, but their screen sizes aren't officially supported. This can lead to some slight visual issues on the screen if you're working with one of these older devices, but the app still functions fully and can help you find your keys and other lost things.

Tile and Smart Home Devices

Wouldn't it be so simple if you could say “Where is my phone” and have your own personal assistant track it down in an instant for you? With the help of Tile technology and our partnerships with the most popular smart home devices, that dream is now a reality! Search no more. 

Tile trackers are compatible with many of today's leading smart home speakers, like the Google Nest and Amazon Echo Dot. You can pair your Tile app and Tile bluetooth trackers with your smart home device and then simply ask your voice assistant like Amazon Alexa to find the items you're looking for.

Tile Inside – A Look at Our Integrated Partnerships

Usually you have to attach a Tile tag like a Tile Sticker or Tile Pro to your daily used items like keys and documents in order to track them down with a compatible device. But, in some situations, you can find Tile built right in with the products you buy. 

We've been partnering with a vast and varied range of industry leaders to build and strengthen the Tile Network, creating products that feature Tile technology on the inside, making it even easier to track them down if you lose or misplace them.

Our integrated Tile Partners include many popular brands you know and love- from Amazon and Xfinity to Dell, Skullcandy, Fitbit, and Bose. We’re also always working on expanding our partnership portfolio in order to create a more seamless way for you to find all your things, and live a more organized life. 

Happy Tiling!