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HP Empire PDX - Exec-Office 2709

Tile Partners with HP to Make Laptops Findable

By: Jennifer

This last year at Tile has been one of expansive growth – from launching new Tiles, to opening more offices globally – but one thing we’re most excited about is the companies we’re partnering with to make it easier to find more of your items with Tile. 

That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our partnership with HP to make the first laptop with built-in Tile, and marking our entrance into a new vertical: laptops! 

HP’s Elite Dragonfly model will feature Tile finding technology and work just like any other Tile. Customers can use their Tile app to look for their lost or misplaced laptops, view the last place it was seen [from their phones], and activate Tile’s network of finders for assistance if the device is lost beyond Bluetooth range. Even better, this finding feature works even if the HP laptop is offline or powered off. The laptop will be available for purchase starting in early 2020. 

Why laptops? 

When talking to our customers and conducting a recent global survey, we found nearly half of respondents have left home without their laptop in the past year, making them late to work and disrupting their day. In fact, 72% said the ability to locate their lost or misplaced laptop would be very or extremely valuable.

Our collaboration with HP brings the finding power of Tile to all the places our laptop users go, saving them time and empowering them everyday. The HP Elite Dragonfly model will be the first to roll out the Tile finding technology, and we plan to introduce the technology into additional HP products soon.  

We’re also always looking for partners that can help our customers keep track of the things that matter most. If you have a bluetooth-enabled product that you’d love to see Tile’s technology incorporated into, let us know in the comments below.

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