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Blog 050817
May 5, 2017

Tile Helps Find Grandma’s Cellphone 700 Miles Away

At Tile, we are always impressed by people going out of their way to lend a helping hand to Tilers in their community. So when someone helps locate a misplaced item from over 700 miles away, we know we have to share their story:

   Jasmine bought a new smartphone just before a trip to visit her family. They live a few states away from her, so she was excited at the chance to take a few photos of her grandkids while she was there.

As luck would have it, she misplaced her new phone just as she was packing up to leave. 

When her daughter Jenny called her landline hours before the trip, Jasmine was in full panic mode (we’ve all been there). Thankfully, Jenny remembered that her mom had the Tile app, and she had reminded her to log in when she got a new phone.

“I reminded her that the Tile app was installed on her phone,” Jenny said, “and she should be able to ring her phone by using the Tile connected to her keys.” 

Jasmine went through each room of the house, double pressing her Tile, but she couldn’t hear her phone ring. Again, Jenny had a stroke of genius — the Tile web app! It allows you to locate and ring your phone from a web browser. 

“I logged onto her Tile account and was able to connect to the phone and confirmed it was still at or near her home.” Jenny continued, “I told her to take her Tile down to the garage and listen for a ring.”

Sure enough, when Jasmine went down to her garage she was able to hear her phone ringing inside of her car. After a few minutes of searching, she found it under the passenger seat. The weekend was saved! Now she didn’t have to worry about if her phone had been stolen or lost for good, and best of all, she could capture all of those unforgettable moments with her grandkids that were so special to her. 

Do you have a mother or grandmother who could use Tile in their life? 

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