Tile™ and Smile Direct Club Introduce Trackable Aligner and Retainer Case

By: Tile
Press Releases08.26.2020

First to market Bluetooth-tracking technology solves for universal pain point of misplacing teeth-straightening aligners and retainers

SmileDirectClub, Inc. (Nasdaq: SDC) (“SmileDirectClub”), the oral care company with the first medtech platform for teeth straightening, and Tile, the leader in smart location, today announced the first trackable retainer and aligner case powered by Tile. 

Available now on SmileDirectClub.com, this patented trackable aligner case is the first to market in the industry, using app-initiated technology to solve the age-old issue of misplacing retainers and clear aligners, especially after removing them to eat.

The sleek compact case in SmileDirectClub’s signature blurple hue, features built-in Bluetooth-tracking technology powered by Tile, plus a slide-out mirror for checking smile transformation progress and alerting you of unwanted food in your teeth. The Tile case easily fits in an average pocket and has a silicone lining to help keep it secure.

“A common reason that consumers’ teeth-straightening process is interrupted is simply because they have lost their clear aligners or retainers,” said Josh Chapman, Chief Global Brand Officer for SmileDirectClub. “Our mission is built on increasing consumer access to safe, affordable and convenient solutions. Our new case will help all club members avoid that interruption as well as the potential cost of having to pay for any replacements. We are excited to build upon our telehealth platform by introducing the first app-friendly solution for all aligner and retainer users to help them stay on course to maintain a confident smile they love.”

“FIND MY ALIGNER!” - How it works

SmileDirectClub’s trackable retainer and aligner case has Tile technology embedded, meaning it can be easily found if lost or misplaced. This functionality is managed through the Tile app which is available for both iOS and Android.

Download Tile from the Apple App Store or Google Play, install and launch. Once an account is created and activated, Bluetooth must be enabled to launch the tracking process. Once a Bluetooth connection is made between Tile and your mobile device, Tile then uses the location services of the device to communicate location information to the app. If the case is within a 100-foot distance of your mobile device, the case will sound an alert based on a designated ringtone selected by the user. You can even set up a friend or parent to also receive alerts from the device.

Retainers aren’t the only thing consumers lose. SmileDirectClub’s Tile Case can also be used in reverse to locate the owner’s mobile device using Tile. Click twice on the Tile logo on the back of the aligner case to initiate a tone to play on your mobile device, even if your phone is on silent.

Since launching in the U.S. in 2014, SmileDirectClub has become one of the fastest-growing health technology companies and the fastest-growing teledentistry provider, serving over one million customers around the world. For more information, visit SmileDirectClub.com.