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Tile Community Giveaway
July 17, 2017

The future of lost is found

At Tile we’ve got some big goals. We want to power the world with smart location and make loss a thing of the past. We’re also devoted to making life easier for each and every one of you.

So we started with Tile. The one you know and love. We made it easy-to-use. Then upgraded the tech. Made it thinner, smaller, faster. We made it better, and then we did it again. We’ll always be improving Tile. But what else can we do?

Continue to focus on our community. We’re building out our platform partnerships with to seamlessly integrate Tile into products you already know and love.

Right now, you can check out the Nomad Powerpack, and the KeySmart Pro, or, check your email for a newsletter from us to learn about our most recent partnership with Away. and see if you’re the lucky winner of this week’s giveaway!

As part of our community celebration this month, we’re doing a giveaway. And the grand prize this week is the luggage set from Away, and the Tile-enabled Away x Tile luggage tag.

Thanks for being a part of the Tile community. We’re glad you’re here! We’ll keep looking out for you so you can find what matters.

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