Steve finds something even better than his keys.


Sometimes, finding kindness in strangers can be as hard as finding your lost keys. Sometimes, they can actually be the same thing. When Steve drove off with his $500 keyless car fob on the top of his car, he had little hope of ever seeing it again. Of course, having a Tile attached to his keychain made him feel a little better, so he set his Tile to “Lost” and hoped for the best.

A month went by before Steve received any updates, and at this point, he’d resigned to forking over the cash for a replacement. Then, in the middle of a breakfast meeting, he received a promising notification: his keys had been found.

He immediately closed out his bill, and went to where the app had dropped an updated pin. The app directed him to a house near the Palmdale Hospital. A little nervous, but excited by the prospect that he may have his key back, he started following the proximity meter, which was leading him directly to the front door of the house.

Suddenly, his app turns green indicating that his Tile was now in range — he was getting really close. He tapped “ring,” and just as he was about to ring the doorbell, the door swings open to reveal a very excited man holding Steve’s keys in the air,

“These are yours! This thing really works!"

Mohammed, the man holding Steve’s keys, had found them some time before and tried to find their owner by posting images of the keys to his social media accounts. Eventually, one of Mohammad's friends recognized the Tile and suggested that downloading the Tile app might help find the owner.

“I gave them a small reward,” Steve said, “and told him he saved me a bundle for the new fob, and made a new friend.”

Stories like this remind us that sometimes Tile can help bring out the good neighbor in everyone.