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Snowboard Found With Tile Tracker

Snowboarder uses Tile to Find her Board


Tile is great for keeping track of sports equipment. In addition to being waterproof, its rugged design holds up to the bangs and dings of equipment being used or transported. We recently got this submission from a member of Community who used Tile on their snowboard incase it got misplaced or mixed up with the many other boards at the resort. It ends up another guest had moved it as a kind gesture and Mark was not able to find it. Using the Tile app they were able to get their board back in minutes!

"Tile on the snowboard helped to find the misplaced snowboard last weekend. The board was not put in its locker the last time it was used and some Good Samaritan put it in a staff area. The Tile helped us to locate her board." - Mark H

For many customers who also live in colder climates ( Norway, Canada, New England ) it's also very difficult to find something in the snow. The loud 90DB ring of the Tile tracker can help people find their lost keys even in a foot of snow. It's something so affordable that is great for everyone from the soccer mom to the professional athlete.

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