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May 26, 2015

Tile Can Track Your Luggage and Even Your Stuffed Animals - Blog

We see so many examples of Tile being used for Travel. Sometimes an airline or vendor keeps track of your stuff, but other times the burden is put on the traveler to keep track of their own belongings. The following is a story from an Australian Tile Community member who tracked their belongings on a multi modal ski trip between airlines & busses using Tile. All of their things were accounted for and gave them much peace of mind. And since Tile is waterproof, its perfect for those black diamond runs!

"Tile is amazing. We love Tile, because it gives us peace of mind when we travel. This year, we flew from Sydney to Tokyo and then Tokyo to Sapporo. We took a bus to Niseko United Ski Resort, which takes about 3.5 hours from the airport. With some bus companies, they don't give you a luggage claim tag, which is worrying when the bus makes several stops and baggage is free for all. We placed a Tile in each of our suitcases, our ski boot bags and backpacks. Throughout the whole bus trip, we were able to check that our bags were still under the bus! Two Pandas "Chopsticks" and "C2", Red Panda, Boo and Mini Boo also travelled with us. We gave "Mini Boo" a Tile (pictured). We often lose him because he loves playing hide and seek, but the real reason is because he's just so mini! We use the Find Tile feature when we lose Mini Boo.

Thank you to Tile and the team for allowing us to travel with peace of mind. We are fortune that we haven't lost any of our items yet, but know that if we do, we can rely on Tile to help us find them."

Andrew & Allan
Sydney, Australia

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