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September 29, 2015

8 Amazing Remote Places Where you'll Find Tile

The Tile Community is massive.

We have Tiles from the southern tip of Chile, to above Iceland and the Arctic Circle.
This being said, it's likely that you know someone using Tile. Maybe its your neighbor or someone at work? Every device running app is a anonymous access point in our network. You can help other people find their lost keys or other item just by walking around with the free app running in the background. The app now helps you find your lost phone as well.

To show the extent of our map, we've called out some amazing remote places around the globe where people are Tiling. Check out our Top 10 list below, and feel free to check out our maps here as well.

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1. Azore Islands

2. Canary Islands

3. Isle of Man

3. Port of Louis

4. The Shetland Islands

5. Malta

6. Tasmania

7. Venice

8. Guam

Check out the rest of our maps here. Share this post with a friend who is considering Tile. We are helping 250,000 people a day find things, and we would love to help you (or a forgetful friend) save 10 minutes a day. While you may not lose things consistently, it's about peace of mind over the long term. Whether you are a mom who just doesn't have time for things to go wrong, or a traveler who needs to keep track of your carry on, Tile is for everyone. You can also check out our Instagram page for a visual representation of how people are using Tile. We've seen Tile on everything from turtles to bikes.

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