QALO Dog ID Tags now have Tile’s Bluetooth finding technology

By: Tile
Tile Partners05.26.2021

Tile’s got you and your dog covered- introducing QALO TraQ, QALO’s  new stylish dog ID tags powered by Tile to bring you greater peace of mind when you’re out and about with your four-legged family members! 

What is Tile? 

 Tile is a leading finding service that locates millions of misplaced items every single day. Tile devices come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and designs and work across iOS and Android via the category-leading Tile app. We also integrate our technology directly into products that people already know and love, in partnership with across audio, wearables, travel, smart home, PC, and now dog ID tags. 

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What is QALO? 

QALO is an active lifestyle company and creator of the jingle-free silicone dog ID tag. QALO is one of the top players in the silicone ring market with celebrity endorsements from Steph Curry, Sam Hunt, LeBron James, Bryce Harper, Dale Earnhardt Jr. and more!

QALO TraQ is the newest tag with Tile finding technology embedded inside. Each QALO TraQ ID tag is lightweight, jingle-free, customizable, and can be attached directly to your pet's collar.

QALO TraQ is now available nationwide at


Why QALO TraQ vs traditional pet GPS trackers? 

 QALO TraQ is a compact, lightweight ID tag. It weighs 0.4 ounces, which is less than half the weight of leading GPS trackers. At just $49.95, including customization, it’s a low-cost trackable option for your furry family member. Plus, it comes in five different styles that you can personalize to capture your dog’s unique identity all while being safe and comfortable. QALO TraQ boasts a non-replaceable battery that lasts up to two years, so you can relax knowing that you won’t have to charge your TraQ when you need it the most! Not to mention it’s waterproof for up to an hour and up to 1 meter, so it’s ready for all the adventures your dog can throw (or splash) its way. 

With QALO TraQ, you get all of the great finding features of built-in Tile technology: 

Finding nearby- When your dog is within 200 ft of Bluetooth range, you can use the Tile app to ring your QALO TraQ to find them if they’re hiding in their favorite spot inside the house or the backyard. Tile will play a pleasant tune to help find your furry friend. 

You can adjust to silent finding and use the in-app Proximity Meter to find them visually if you’re in a noisy, high-traffic area. Open up the Tile app, and the ring around your Tile will turn into the Proximity Meter. The rings will begin to light up gradually as you get closer, or will fade as you get farther away from your Tile.

Finding far- When your dog is outside of Bluetooth range, use the Tile app to view your dog’s most recent location, or enlist the safe and anonymous help of the Tile Network to aid in your search. Go into the Tile app and tap ‘Notify when Found’ and the Tile Network will securely and anonymously aid in your search. The moment someone running the Tile app passes by your pet, you will immediately receive an email and in-app notification showing you where your pet was located. You'll also have the option to anonymously thank whoever helped find your pet. 

The Tile Network is powered by global Tile app users, as well as Network extenders like Xfinity X1 and xFi devices, and compatible Echo devices on Amazon Sidewalk - with features live in the U.S. beginning June 14th. When you’re running the Tile app on your device, your app isn’t just looking for your Tiles, it’s looking for everyone else’s too. Don't worry- we don't sell your data and never will. 

You also have the option of subscribing to Tile Premium for additional features and peace of mind. This includes Unlimited Sharing of your Tiles with family and friends so you have a larger search party. 

QALO TraQ and Amazon Sidewalk

That's right, QALO TraQ owners will enjoy all of the even more convenient Tile finding features available through Amazon Sidewalk starting on June 14th. 

Compatible Echo devices on Sidewalk will securely search for your QALO TraQ, when within Bluetooth range, offering an even faster and more convenient experience both inside and outside the home. For example, if your dog, wearing QALO TraQ, is wandering around the neighborhood, Sidewalk-enabled Echo devices will help locate your QALO TraQ and securely ping you your pet’s most recent location, giving you helpful indicators as to where your pet may be wandering.

Make sure you connect your Tile account to Amazon Sidewalk in these three easy steps: 

1. In the Tile app under Settings, Link your Tile and Amazon Alexa accounts in our Smart Home Hub.

2. Under device settings in the Alexa app, ensure your individual Tiles are marked as “Enabled” in Find My.

3. Under account settings in the Alexa app, make sure Sidewalk and Community Finding are enabled.

Learn More about Amazon Sidewalk here.

Amazon Sidewalk will create millions of additional Network Extenders, exponentially expanding the already massive Tile Network and greatly increasing the chances of a successful search so your furry family member can return home!

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