Looking for Bluetooth Tracking Dots? You Need the Tile Sticker.

By: Tile
Tile Tips02.02.2022

Bluetooth trackers are available in a range of different sizes. If you're looking for the smallest and most discreet form of tracking technology, you need Bluetooth tracking dots. As the name implies, Bluetooth dots like the Tile Sticker are designed to be super small and convenient; they easily attach to even the littlest of items to help you find them when they go missing or get misplaced. Say goodbye to the daily struggle of looking up ‘find my Airpods’. 

What a Bluetooth Tracking Dot Does

So, what can tracking dots do for you? These Bluetooth tracking devices work just like any other tracker and help to track items like lost keys or misplaced wallets. For example, you can stick a few Tile tracker dots onto your most important electronic devices so that you can find them around the house without a hassle.

There are various benefits of using a small tracker like a dot, as opposed to a larger tracking device:

  • Wider Range of Applications – One of the best benefits of using a small sticky Bluetooth tracker like a Tile Sticker is that you can use it in countless ways. It can even attach to very small or awkwardly-shaped items, making it usable in situations where bigger trackers might not work so well.

  • Additional Discretion – Some people worry about Bluetooth tags being spotted by thieves or stolen from their bags, electronics, and accessories. A great thing about small tracker dots is the size! Because they're so small, they're very discreet and hard to spot. Most people won't even notice that you have tracker dots attached to your items.

  • Less Risk of Damage – Another benefit with small trackers is due to their small size, they may be less likely to get damaged while being used. For example, if you have a large Bluetooth tag hanging from your backpack, it could get knocked and bumped while you're out and about. A small tag is a smaller target and less likely to be hit, especially if it's hidden.

How Tile Sticker Can Help You Track Your Essentials

When it comes to Bluetooth tracking dots, the Tile Sticker tracker is one of the best options out there. Small, simple, and so convenient, the Tile Sticker is the perfect device to use when tracking all sorts of items - from wallets and passports to electronic devices and so much more. Here's what the Tile Sticker has to offer:

  • Design - A small, adhesive tracker that can be stuck onto a wide range of surfaces 

  • Dimensions - 27mm x 7.8mm 

  • Weight - 5g 

  • Range - Works at up to 250ft 

  • Battery - A sealed 3-year non-replaceable battery 

  • Water-Resistance - IP67 water resistance

One of the best things about the Tile Sticker Bluetooth tracking dot is that it's ready to use right out of the box. You can simply open up the box, take out the Tile Sticker, and then attach it to any item that you want to start tracking. There's no need for any extra accessories or complicated set-up procedures when using this Tile tracker.

Another huge benefit of the Tile Sticker is just how versatile it is. You can use this Bluetooth tracking dot in a wide range of situations, and it can easily stick onto all sorts of items and surfaces thanks to its powerful adhesive. There are almost no limits to how and where you choose to use your Tile Sticker:

  • Bikes and Boards – You can attach a Tile Sticker beneath your bike seat or under a skateboard so it never gets lost. You can use it with things like skates and scooters, too.

  • TV Remotes and Game Controllers – Remotes and controllers always seem to get lost around the house, but with Tile Stickers stuck to them, you won't have to worry.

  • Personal Electronics – Attach some Tile Stickers to your most important electronic items, like tablets and laptops, to never lose them again.

  • Toys and Games – Your little ones might get quite upset if they can't find their favorite toys or video games. Tile Stickers help solve that problem.

  • School Supplies – Kids can also easily lose track of school items like books, pencil cases, and backpacks. Tile Stickers make it easy to find these items in a flash.