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July 12, 2015

How I lost my keys in the family piano

Kids say and do the darndest things! All parents know that kids have their unique way or organizing and helping clean up. Ben decided the best place to put his mom's keys was in the piano - obviously. Tile key finder to the rescue!

"I was playing with my three-year-old nephew last night with some of his new birthday presents. After he went to bed and I hung out with my sister for a while, I looked for my keys to head home. I couldn't find them anywhere so I activated the Tile on the keys. The Tile sound was coming from the piano. Weird. We looked all around it, behind it, under the case where the piano keys are... The sound appeared to be emanating from INSIDE the piano. I figured out that the top part opens up to reveal the inner workings of the piano and there the keys were! "Benjamin!" I said out loud although he had been in bed for some time. "How did you do that?"

If not for Tile, my keys probably would have been found by some piano repair man many years in the future. :)"

- Jessica B

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